3 Ways to Boost the Physical Wellbeing of your Team

March 2, 2023
2 min read
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How can you help setup your team to be in the best position to work on their physical wellbeing? Sometimes traditional workplace practices may be impeding your employees potential, despite meaning to. Check out these 3 simple ways to help your team in the workplace.

Allow Adequate Rest

One of the most important contributing factors to physical wellbeing is rest. This can come in the form of mental rest, i.e. time not working or in the form of sleep. One of the obstacles that get in the way of adequate rest is when work leaks into the evening, eating into their downtime, and disrupting their sleep patterns. Ever received an email in the evening which sends your mind whirring or brings on feelings of anxiety? Yup, us too!

A great action to encourage is delayed email sending. On all modern email systems there is the option to draft a message and queue it to send at 9am the following morning. This allows the receiver the chance to have a restful evening, a good nights sleep and address the contents of the email the following morning.

Bring the Fitness to Them

‘Time’ is considered the most common reason people struggle to incorporate exercise into their working week. This is why on-site exercise is a popular solution to ensure your team have easy opportunities to move their bodies! It can typically be done in one of two ways, group fitness classes and on-demand personal training. Depending on the space of your office you might find one of those works best or you may be able to offer both! Easily stored fitness equipment and some exercise mats can give you a plethora of class options to help with physical wellbeing.

Create a Healthy Food Environment

Without being authoritarian and restricting cake and other high sugar snacks, you can still help to create a healthy food environment. This goes a surprisingly long way in assisting those wishing to prioritise nutrient dense foods. Follow James Clear’s advice from Atomic Habits and make the preferred option the easier and more obvious option. That means positioning foods that are more nutrient dense in easy line of sight. 

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