Celebrating National Inclusion Week in Your Workplace

September 18, 2023
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When is National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week in the United Kingdom is an annual event that takes place from September 25th to October 1st. During this dedicated week, businesses and organisations come together to celebrate diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

What is National Inclusion Week UK?

National Inclusion Week UK is a significant initiative aimed at advancing diversity and inclusion within workplaces across the country. It provides an opportunity for organisations to showcase their commitment to creating an environment where every individual, regardless of their background or identity, feels valued, respected, and included.

The overarching goal is to encourage dialogue, education, and action surrounding the principles of diversity and inclusion. By recognising and appreciating the unique perspectives and experiences that employees bring to the table, organisations can strengthen their workforce, enhance innovation, and drive success.

What to Do for National Inclusion Week?

National Inclusion Week offers a chance to engage in meaningful activities that promote inclusivity and celebrate diversity within the workplace. The theme this year is ‘Take Action Make Impact’ – so here are some actions you can take to make an impact!

  1. Awareness Campaigns: Launch an internal campaign to inform employees about National Inclusion Week, its significance, and the activities planned for the week.
  2. Educational Workshops: Organise workshops and seminars that address topics like unconscious bias, cultural awareness, and inclusive communication. These sessions can help employees better understand their biases and learn strategies for fostering inclusivity.
  3. Inclusive Networking: Arrange networking events that encourage employees to connect with colleagues from different backgrounds. This can help break down barriers and promote understanding.
  4. Storytelling: Share stories from employees about their positive and negative experiences of inclusion. These stories can be shared through articles, videos, or testimonials, highlighting the power of diversity.
  5. Charitable Initiatives: Partner with local charities or community organisations that support inclusion-related causes. Engage in volunteering or fundraising activities to make a positive impact.
  6. Inclusive Leadership Training: Provide training to managers and leaders on leading diverse teams and creating an inclusive workplace culture.
  7. Social Media Engagement: Utilise social media platforms to share content - use relevant hashtags to amplify your message.
  8. Feedback Collection: Encourage employees to provide feedback on inclusion efforts. Use their insights to identify areas for improvement and growth.

Diversity and Inclusion Speakers:

As part of your National Inclusion Week activities, consider bringing in diversity and inclusion speakers who can inspire and educate your employees. These speakers can offer unique perspectives, share personal experiences, and provide actionable insights for creating an inclusive environment.

Two of our own speakers and workshop leaders we'd love to highlight for this week are Nikita Montlake and Vanessa Belleau:

Nikita Montlake

Nikita is an Inclusion Consultant with an academic background coupled with years of hands-on facilitation experience. Being born with a birth deformity and diagnosed Dyslexic and ADHD, Nikita’s lived experience very much guided her into specialising in Disability and Neurodiversity Inclusion. Her sessions on 'Inclusion Training for HR', 'Inclusion Training for Line Managers' and 'Inclusion Training for Teams' can get your whole organisation focus in inclusivity - from organisational systems design to collaboration and inclusive team dynamics.

Vanessa Belleau

Vanessa is a diversity and belonging strategy consultant, educator, facilitator and accredited executive coach. Her purpose is clear: making people and brands focus on what matters. Everything she does is with passion, honesty, empathy and joy. She has a rare and coveted understanding of what makes employees & consumers tick. Her workshop 'Let's Talk About Conscious Inclusion!' helps people discover how they can be a better ally, and gain a clearer understanding of how we can all mitigate our biases and use our privilege for the greater good.

If you'd like to get more information on either of Nikita and Vanessa's sessions, or if you have another specific topic in mind for this years National Inclusion Week - send us a message at hello@thatday.uk as I'm sure we'll have an expert that meets your needs!

Remember, National Inclusion Week is not just a one-week event; it's an opportunity to spark ongoing discussions, drive meaningful change, and create a workplace that reflects the diverse world we live in.

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